Friday, January 21, 2011

Crook (2010)

It is a story of Indian name Jai (Emran Hashmi), a guy who seems to have a dark underground living (at the beginning, the movie portrays him recording a movie for piracy) but have a lovely father (a police). Jai has been sent to Australia so that his works does not generate more trouble. He meets Suhani (Neha Sharma), an Indian Australian. The problem starts to occurs when Jai finds himself trapped in an issue of racism between Indian and Australian. A story of love suddenly deals with racism as the story goes to the end.

Keseluruhannya, Crook tenggelam timbul dengan dua isu yang bercampur (cinta dan racism). Fasa pertama filem, we seems to have been pushed to watch a love story between Suhani and Jai (which seems to much – the balance of both issue is lost). Yet, at the second half (it’s time for redemption), the movie focuses on the racial issue. But, it seems to be more exciting when the finale revealed something that is beyond imagination (which is good – i like the ending so much!). Well, it seems to me that this film is good on issue but the balancing is not well.

Isu racism bukan isu biasa bagi filem Bolly. Kebanyakannya always deal with love, and some fantasy love. A good effort!. In a nutshell, CROOK deals with a reality. Mahesh Bhatt nampak bijak mengendalikan persoalan siapa perlu dipersalahkan. Antara India dan Australia, siapa sebenarnya yang salah dalam mewujudkan isu ini? Paparan adegan akhir sebenarnya jelas menunjukkan kesedaran yang mendalam untuk rakyat India. Menarik!

Yea for sure, this film is not suitable for kids. It contains lot of kissing and (for adult) korang boleh tengok naked woman lagi! Terrible but fun! Ha3.. But, CROOK is a It is all about changing your life (so, filem ni cuba nak tunjuk realiti lah konon - seks bebas sebagai jalan penyelesaian masalah). In my opinion, CROOK is not just a normal entertainment film. It is more than meets the eye (ceewah ayat!). CROOK is a story with just a normal pace at the beginning of the film, but turn psychopathic/thriller (adegan Samarth naik berang dan culik Nicole,seorang gadis Australia) at the end. Pritam’s music is just on path. A normal scoring butnot hit my ears (but Chhala is quite interesting track to hum). With great issue and Emran Hashmi good acting, Crook seems to attract my attention. What about yours?


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