Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Knock Out (2010)

It is not a taboo for Bollywood producer to copy some idea from Hollywood (even Hollywood pun tiru filem Asia pe!). After so many movies released throughout years, I may say that Bolly sometime need refreshment of the idea. For that reason their targeted Hollywood to get such idea to make nowadays Bollywood movie. KNOCK OUT bergerak atas dasar yang sama. Melihat filem ini, sudah tentu anda bakal mengingati lakonan Collin Farrell dalam filem thriller satu situasi, Phone Booth (dengan jayanya dilakonkan juga oleh Kiefer Sutherland). It is agreeable if I say that the film made by Joel Shumacher is great in telling an event (I never thought what I will do if I was in the situation). 2010, the idea now belong to Mani Shankar. He used the same idea (phone booth as a place of incident that can change history) but to illustrate other issue (which is closer to the Indian society).

KNOCK OUT is a story lingers around an incident inside a phone booth in the middle of Mumbai City. A day of a man will change forever. A sniper (Sanjay Dutt) targeting a man, Tony Khoshla (Irfan Khan) for one secret reason. Situation is getting worse when the sniper shoot a citizen outside the phone booth. As the story goes, the anchor woman, Nidhi Srivastav (Kangna Ranaut) came after and realise the fishy situation behind the incident. With the help of a honest police, they trying as best as they can to set Tony Khoshla out from the phone booth and faces the political agenda that lead to this incident.

In my opinion the plot is well plan (the idea is there with the right issue to portray). I like the plot construction even there are some hiccup at the middle of the movie. Seriously, this film has no driveable plot. As 1 hour and 50 minutes running, the film focus is just on the phone booth (of course there are some flashback and other setting, but not too much). I not have any word to say about the beginning (how Tony trapped inside the phone booth) because the reason is very tough (no doubt! The reason is there!). But, when come to the Indian ‘future technology’ (the spy helicopter and some gadget used by the sniper), this make this film does not have the intention to stay on reality (fictional item is helping the movement of the plot).

Overall, KNOCK OUT is railing on the same path with PHONE BOOTH (tengok! asyik cakap pasal dua filem ni jer!). Surely I can’t keep watching this film as single Bolly movie as some scene really a copycat from that Hollywood movie. But, I am quite proud of the way Mani Shankar blend in the issue of politic corruption in the film. Korupsi memang selalu sangat dipaparkan dalam filem India. But, when Mani Shankar convert the same theme with different approaches, I like!. Furthermore, with the great casting (Irfan is a top notch actor – his acting very real and good). Sanjay Dutt as the sniper, a culprit (at the beginning) turns hero also delivers good acting. On the whole, KNOCK OUT is a nice movie on theme. But, I don't think that all viewers can cope with this kind of idea.


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