Saturday, October 3, 2009

Jashnn (2009)

Jashnn is a story about a dream, a hope and world of love and romance. At first look, I never have any feels to watch this movie. Of course I know who The Bhatt’s are, the best in making such beautiful kind of drama in Bollywood. Jashnn does not contain such popular cast, it just lining up such a new name who I never heard before. With beautiful and very tuning up kind of song, Jashnn is a new modern age kind of love story.

A little synopsis of Jahnn..

Akash (Addhyayan Suman) wants to become a singer. That is his ambition that he wants to achieve in his life. He jobless and lives with his sister. One day, fate makes him meet the beautiful Sara. Unluckily, the truth reach the skin when the love blossoms up. Akash realize that Sara is the sister of an entrepreneur who before this married to his sister. With hate still remain, Akash dream seems to be imposible. Will he reach the top?

My comment…

Jashnn is good as a new-age love story. Overall, a salute to the Bhatt’s because narrating the story decently. Adhyayan Suman, for me is talented newcomer. Maybe I have missed some of his film, but I can say that he is very talented. I have read Taran Adarsh review and yes.. I agree with this scene that he listed:

  • Watch out for the tiff between Adhyayan and Humayun, when the latter abuses Shahana. The subsequent sequence, when Adhyayan apologises to Humayun at his office, is heart-breaking.
  • Here's another. Adhyayan and Shahana enter Anjana's party and the confrontation that ensues with Humayun there. Another master stroke!
  • Note another sequence. In the post-interval portions, Adhyayan's demo is rejected by the music company baron and his outburst at this point. It breaks your heart!
  • The same night, he takes refuge in drinks and even robs money from another guest at the hotel. What happens thereafter is astonishing.
  • In the climax, Adhyayan calls his sister on stage and makes her accept the trophy from Humayun. Clapworthy, but deeply emotional!

Overall, Jashnn is reflects of our dream. It is a mirror of our life. Watching Jashnn is just like watching a tv drama. For me, this kind of story will masala the world of Bolly who is now seems to focus lots on sexy and action kind of film. Remember, it is not easy to grab your own dream. - CIKGUMAN

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